Vale Joe. Thanks for the lift Mate!

One of the things I was really looking forward to; now that

the house is finished, the trip’s over and the knees have been done;

was to have Joe over for a jam.


That won’t happen now.


I met Joe, like many of us did:

virtually; then: In Real Life.

Coffee and Lunaticks and bright idea bubbles clinging to a web at dawn

we’re drawn, to whom we respect, and who we


Care about us, and them; and those.


Joe was one of these people.


It may be Twitter

It may be twee to some


But for one reason and another,

There’s a big mob of tweeps in Newy this week

Reflecting on what we knew of Joe

And how we knew


Gossamer webs, connecting

those bits of us that assist the creation of

synergies of humanity:

not the wedging of it apart.


Vale Joe Grgas



  1. Siobhan C Sep 21

    Achingly sad.

  2. Carol Sep 21


    Thanks Roger.

    For finding the words lots of us are struggling with.

  3. Sarah (Maya_Abeille) Sep 21

    What a lovely tribute. Thank you.

  4. barney Sep 21

    Beautiful words. Life is ephemeral.It’s the connections we make, however brief and however tenuous, which enrich our lived experience. Thank you.

  5. Nicole Sep 22

    Thanks Roger

    Joe was thriving on the connections he had made and the possibilities those connections held.