Williams River driving

‘Phonography’ Fun: Some shots from the phone on a quiet afternoon drive

Cows graze as the light hastens across a flowering carpet of gold.












An old tree stands against the greying sky waiting for the vagaries of fate













We came to this place where we were so different and where the things surrounding us had spent millennia in their achievement. So often, the most enduring reminders are those which seek to connect human existence with a spiritual reason for it occurring at all.

Old sheds where once was the hub of a million acres.

A brief detour off the dual carriageway just north of Karuah sees us heading down to the settlement of Carrington on the northern shore of Port Stephens.

Back in the 1820s, Tahlee and  Carrington were established as a base for the Australian Agricultural (AA) company. While little remains on the surface, it’s easy to imagine that with a few quiet moments there may be sounds and memories ready to spring from the sun blanched bones of older buildings and the glow of the hewn stone as the sun retreats again.

Church at Carrington, Port Stephens