Pre-Spring, and dreaming of other possible futures for Newcastle

Perhaps we have become so polarised in the need to have, or not have, that we have forgotten the possibility of developing another view.

If. for some reason, it becomes impossible to get real action on truncating the rail line and providing another option: just what might another possibility look like?

I wonder whether we are maybe focusing too strongly on the sense of an integrated whole rather than what could potentially be a ‘string of pearls:’ a connected string of high value precincts, with frequent trains running back and forth like a pulsing spine.

Sometimes it’s fun to cast our minds ahead and see if we can picture things in ways which might promote other ways of doing things.

In the pre-dawning  glow of Spring, a possible picture of a future which, for some reason, decides to reform our thinking around retaining some infrastructure and changing our way of using it.

Here is a possible picture.

There’s a whole space out by Cockle Creek crying out to be a parking hub for a connection along the line: sitting within reach of the F3 and the Westlakes area

A station and interchange aids the growth of Glendale as a major retail and commercial hub, a link across the line to the light industrial area which snakes its way back toward Cardiff along Munibung Rd.

Clean, fast, frequent trains leave the holding and interchange area and run back and forth to the other end of the line, down by the harbour.

Up through Cardiff and its fast bus connections with Charlestown and the University, we glide through the tunnel and down the valley to the new Kotara station, close to the shopping centre and super centres, covered ways and travelators smoothly deliver people from the station to their destination.

A new development at Adamstown station incoporates a solution which makes the level crossing obsolete and a street corridor has been identified and developed as a connector for the station with the Adamstown mainstreet. Easy facilities exist to assist the multitude of cyclists who alight here and spend the day with a leisurely ride out along the Fernleigh Track to Belmont.

From Broadmeadow, frequent shuttles are available to the Hospital and University and pedestrian connector ways and cycle paths provide easy access to the range of sporting and event facilities which have been supported and developed as integrated and scalable facilities.

At Hamilton, traffic management strategies have allowed the old station to be refurbished, with access from both ends of the platform being easy, with pedestrian access to the Wickham Parklands which have been managed to provide a range of possibilities for sport and large scale outdoor entertainments within easy reach of major transport movers.

University and TAFE students easily swap to the other line which has a new station up at the back of the TAFE, also  providing access to the South West sector of Mayfield, and a pleasant stroll or cycle through the TAFE grounds to Tighes Hill and Mayfield East.

At Stewart Avenue, the large new roadway flies across the line, integrated as far as possible with a development which provides a backdrop for the large open Harbour Plaza which opens out the vista between the new Wickham station and the harbour, and articulating to the boardwalk which runs east along the harbour’s edge.  Public share system bikes sit in racks as families alight from the train and select their bikes to ride down along the foreshore to cafes and beaches, or back up along the Creek cycleway, passing the marina and fishing fleet.

Pedestrian and other non vehicular movement is facilitated toward the growing hub around Marketown, with more pedestrian walkovers for harbour view Honeysuckle offices to connect with the other side

Further down the line we reach the vibrant Civic and Honeysuckle Restaurant and Bar Precinct.  A new development above the line incorporates a station and facilitates easy access from both ends toward the waterfront and toward the Theatres and Law Courts.  Pedestrian connector ways allow us easy reach to Darby Street, via the beautifully redeveloped Civic Park which provides a pleasance within the lovely buildings of civics and study.

On to the beautiful Newcastle Station and direct access to the magnificent Newcastle Mall, a premier restaurant and bar strip within Australia,  Lovely historic facades and the sense of this as a heart of a city, create a sense of vibrancy going way beyond Lygon Street.  Outdoor eating areas and well run bars and entertainment venues have built a density of appropriate behaviour, aided by security and the large influx of patronage intent on good dining and non-offensive enjoyment.  The surrounding blocks now house many thousands of people from a variety of demograhics who love the massive lifestyle choices available to them and the ease of access they have beach and harbour and to fast, clean, frequent transport which connects them with all of the other stations and opportunities.

And yes, it cost a lost to set up. Could work though.

This is not a call to save the rail.  It is simply a view of what a future possibility could be if we had, as a given, that the infrastructure stays.