There are stacks of options available for people wanting to get their thoughts out there.

If the idea of having a blog using the latest version of WordPress as its blogging engine, and the ability to install your own themes and plugins and to update as you wish appeals to you, then you may be interested in having a blog hosted on this space.

You’ll get unlimited storage space and the freedom to get your ideas out there with a minimum of fuss.  The other advantage is that you’ll be able to see what others are doing with their space and hopefully collaborate with them, ‘paying forward’ the ideas and tips and tricks you pick up.

This is intended as an additional available  space to support and scaffold educators who want to share thoughts and ideas

There’s no charge for this.

Some current examples:

3/4 Fantastic Foxes

The Bluff

6P’s Blog 

 If you’re interested, use the Contact page to get in touch.