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    This blog will sit as part of the eduleader.org blog space and will share ideas and background with other blogs created at various other times in the past.

    You might like to see what I’ve blogged about before at LIPS – Leaders in Public Schools, and certainly check out the spaces and idea which have been developed to support and scaffold the work of schools, teachers and groups at hccweb2.org






    To get started for 2012, it’s sometimes interesting to look back at ideas advanced in the past.  As we move ahead, there will be many people beginning in a leadership role, or taking on new challenges.  You may be interested to reflect on just a few of the thoughts within this brief excerpt of themes within a presentation I was proud to deliver as the invited closing keynote for the last ever Glenfield Leadership Conference in January 2008.  Please feel free to click below where it says ‘comments’ or  and add any of your ideas and thoughts for the year ahead in 2012.

    After all, today is the 17th January; an anniversary of the closing, and an anniversary of other beginnings.




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  1. pryorcom says:

    Please feel free to leave any comments, or ideas for the year ahead here.

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