Wake Up With Carrington!

Last term at the week 10 assembly, the 3/4 Fantastic Foxes presented this work they have done on advertising. You can see their amazing acting skills, clever interpretations of advertising and creative script writing to create their own advertisements. Well done 3/4. Thanks Miss Cook for making the video and for teaching 3/4 about advertising.

Life’s A Happy Song

We have been singing this song in class as a lesson break. It is wonderful to see everyone enjoying singing. I hope you enjoy singing it at home!

The beginning of Term 3

This slideshow shows many of the events this term. We visited the museum in the first week and participated in scientific experiments and displays based on magnetism and gravity just to name a few. We also saw the B.H.P light show which talks about the history of the steelworks and its place in Newcastle’s history.
You will also see pictures of the Touch Footy Gala Day, which showcased the amazing talent of our Carrington students. Lastly, there are pictures of the parents and carers who came to our open classroom last Friday. What a fabulous turn out. Thankyou for visiting!

A great Excursion!

The foxes had a wonderful time at Gosford Reptile Park. We had a packed day, seeing as many animals as we could. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Learning Is Fun!

This slideshow shows what has been happening in our class the last few weeks. We had our Easter hat parade which was enjoyed by the children. Everyone worked together to make their hats, showing great leadership with the younger students. In maths we have been making triangles and squares to represent the 3 and 4 x table. This helps us to work out the multiples of the tables(which is the answers!)
I hope you enjoy the slideshow. The foxes have been working hard this term. I am so proud of them and I look forward to some great learning next term :)

Assembly item

Well done Year 3/4! ¬†You did a great job performing on Friday. Kimberly’s acting was great and Bridget was an excellent narrator. The convicts wrote this information themselves and they read clearly. I was also so happy with how everyone sat so quietly after they performed, that really shows how grown up our class is!