Brave Little Rover – CSIRO Science By Email

Every now and then I will be posting links to some fantastic resources from the CSIRO for those interested in science and maths. These publications contain stories on latest mathematics and science news, hand-on activities to try at home and quizzes. Please tell the students to sign up to get my blog posts send directly to their email addresses as a lot of the posts I put up will be of interest to them as well.

Quiz Questions
1.Which part of the eye is coloured and surrounds the pupil?
2.True or false – most of the dust in your home is made up of human skin particles?
3.What is the largest living structure on the Earth?
4.What is the largest type of black hole?
5.What is the smallest bone in the body and where is it located?

Write down your answers and click here to read Science by Email for the answers. Enjoy!