The Swans Visit Dudley

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Luke Parker and Dan Robinson from the Sydney Swans on Tuesday. The boys spoke to Years 3-6 about healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle. They also spoke about the routines involved in being a professional sportsperson as well as a lot of AFL chat.

Circles in the Sky

Yesterday at lunchtime, our students were treated to a spectacle in the sky as a massive halo formed around the sun. These halos are formed from ice crystals in thin cirrus clouds. We could see one of these misty clouds in front of the sun. Mr Costolo believes it is some sort of omen that…

School Leader Inductions

Congratulations to all of our Year 6 school leaders who were inducted into their roles at last week’s Friday assembly. I am positive they will do an excellent job throughout 2014.

Brave Little Rover – CSIRO Science By Email

Every now and then I will be posting links to some fantastic resources from the CSIRO for those interested in science and maths. These publications contain stories on latest mathematics and science news, hand-on activities to try at home and quizzes. Please tell the students to sign up to get my blog posts send directly…

Welcome to 5/6H for 2014

Hi everyone, If you are a previous subscriber and no longer wish to receive these alerts, please go to the blog and enter your email address in the subscribe widget on the right-hand side and click “unsubscribe”.¬† Welcome to my class for 2014. This blog is an important communication tool that I use to keep…

School Leader Elections for 2014

Monday and Tuesday this week saw our Year 5 students all deliver speeches to convince staff and students to vote for them for their chosen leadership positions. All students did an amazing job preparing and delivering the speeches and we wish them the best of luck. Voting will take place today with the results announced…

Our Ground-shaking Tectonic Plate Stop Animation

5/6H have been learning about earthquakes and plate tectonics in science this term. As part of our work we have worked in groups to create this excellent educational stop animation. We hope you enjoy it!   Tectonic plate movement from Jason Horadam on Vimeo.

Resilience Cartoons

My class have been creating PowToon animations over the last two weeks in computers. The theme was resilience as this is our unit in You Can Do It lessons this term. I thought I would share a few on here. You can see other examples by clicking the links to my students in the blogroll…

Amazing Writing

A few of the students in my literacy group have been attending Whitebridge High School each week to take part in writing workshops. Joel O sent me his story¬†Journey to Green and I must say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of the work produced. I hope you enjoy reading it as much…

Download our Loud Shirt Day Performance

The Loud Shirt Day performance is ready for download so simply click the links to download to your computer. The Whole Assembly Item Just the Animoto Slideshow with Music