Week 4 – Assembly Items/Ice Science/Fencing Contractors

Week 4 was such a busy week. We were busily preparing for our assembly item which was a rainforest rap with clap sticks. There was also a presentation of student artworks going in the background.

The students performed beautifully however, there did seem to be some technical difficulties as the backing track on the computer kept going out of sync with the children’s drumming. We will have to get that looked at. 🙂

On Friday the students did some experiments measuring the amount of time it takes for ice to melt under different conditions as part of our Change Detectives science unit. The students had fun outside doing the experiments and will write it up formally this week.

Today, the students who didn’t attend the Zone Swimming did some perimeter problem solving as they were asked to be fencing contractors and work in pairs to find the cost of fencing the basketball court here at school. I am happy to report that all students came up with the correct answer of $450 based on fencing that costs $5 per metre. Funny, I don’t remember fencing at my house being anywhere near that price.