Day at Perisher

The kids have had an absolute ball today.

We started our day by waking up everyone at 6:00am. One room claims they stayed up talking in their beds until 2:30am. I guess we will see if that was true if they fall asleep on the way home from the snow.

We had cereal and a cooked breakfast and headed off to be fitted for snow gear.

The students loved looking at the amazing scenery around Lake Jindabyne and were very excited to see the snow on the mountains as we approached the mountains.

We arrived at Perisher and headed over the back of the toboggan run to out own patch of snow where the students had an awesome time throwing snowballs, building snowmen and sliding on their bellies down the hill.

I can confirm that this teacher has pelted many cheeky kids with snowballs in retaliation for hundreds thrown at my head in the hours we were on the hill.

After more than a few cries of “My feet are cold” or “My hands are cold”
We decided to have lunch and call it a day.

We are presently heading back to Cooma to collect our luggage and return our snow gear then it’s on to Canberra to our new accommodation and to Telstra Tower tonight.

More photos to come once I get to home WiFi.