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Week 4 – Assembly Items/Ice Science/Fencing Contractors

Week 4 was such a busy week. We were busily preparing for our assembly item which was a rainforest rap with clap sticks. There was also a presentation of student artworks going in the background. The students performed beautifully however, there did seem to be some technical difficulties as the backing track on the computer…

Brave Little Rover – CSIRO Science By Email

Every now and then I will be posting links to some fantastic resources from the CSIRO for those interested in science and maths. These publications contain stories on latest mathematics and science news, hand-on activities to try at home and quizzes. Please tell the students to sign up to get my blog posts send directly…

Our Ground-shaking Tectonic Plate Stop Animation

5/6H have been learning about earthquakes and plate tectonics in science this term. As part of our work we have worked in groups to create this excellent educational stop animation. We hope you enjoy it!   Tectonic plate movement from Jason Horadam on Vimeo.