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Three Dimensional Space

Last week we were learning all about three-dimension space in maths. We looked at some 3D modelling software called Google SketchUp which we used to create 3D shapes. You can download your own version of SketchUp here for free to use at home. It works best on Chrome. You might also like to look through…

Week 8 – Multiplication and Division

Get Smart – Multiplication and Division Times Table Test Times Table Shoot ’em Up Khan Academy – Multiplication and Division We have a new winner for the worst maths song ever.

Week 7 Area

This week we will learn about finding the area of polygons. Access the resources below for more information. Get Smart – Area Khan Academy – Area Maths is Fun – Area To follow on from last week’s terrible maths song, here is another. Enjoy.


Week 6 – Subtraction Resources

We continue this week with maths concepts related to addition and subtraction with an emphasis on subtraction. Feel free to access the resources below. Get Smart – Addition and Subtraction resources Khan Academy – Subtraction within 1000 This is a fantastic video to explain trading but in the video they refer to it as borrowing….

Week 5 – Addition and Subtraction

This week it is all about addition and subtraction. Browse the resources below. Get Smart – Addition and Subtraction Khan Academy – Addition Addition Worksheets  

Week 4 Data Resources

This week we will be learning about concepts related to data in mathematics. Feel free to look at some of the resources below. Get Smart Data Resources Dot Plots and Frequency Tables  РKahn Academy

Term 1 Week 1 Whole Number Resources

This week in Stage 3 maths we are learning about Whole number concepts. Below are some resources if you need extra work in this area. Get Smart Stage 3 Whole Number Resources Khan Academy – Primes and composites Khan Academy – Expanded Notation¬†– Be aware that this video is American therefore they use a comma…

Week 4 – Assembly Items/Ice Science/Fencing Contractors

Week 4 was such a busy week. We were busily preparing for our assembly item which was a rainforest rap with clap sticks. There was also a presentation of student artworks going in the background. The students performed beautifully however, there did seem to be some technical difficulties as the backing track on the computer…