Category: Film Making

Our Ground-shaking Tectonic Plate Stop Animation

5/6H have been learning about earthquakes and plate tectonics in science this term. As part of our work we have worked in groups to create this excellent educational stop animation. We hope you enjoy it!   Tectonic plate movement from Jason Horadam on Vimeo.

More Films: Brainwashed and The Disco Queen

I have finished the uploads of two more film festival movies. Feel free to click these links to save the files to your computer Brainwashed and The Disco Queen. They may be watched below.


At the end of last term we showed Group 7’s movie Brainwashed at assembly. The group did a fantastic job and worked extremely hard on making their movie. Click here to read the 500 word outline on the making of the movie. You can download the movie to you computer by clicking this link.

Lost in the Bush

Last Friday I screened the first of our seven entries for the Very Short Film Festival. This film is by Oryhn, Darcy, Max and Fyre and got some big laughs from the audience. Well done boys. You can download the movie to save onto your computer here. You can view their 500 word outline for…