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Saturday Program – The Junction Public School

Union Street, The Junction

Descriptions for Workshop sessions follow.

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Main COLA – Welcome – Housekeeping, Outline etc

Workshops will be held in 4 rooms adjoining the COLA. Workshop descriptions follow the timetable.

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

10.30 – 11.25

Steph Westwood

iPads and iPods in the Classroom

Nicole Stringer

The Arts Emporium

Jason Horadam

Blogging for Dummies

Chris Whitington

ICT integration: Adobe, Smart, Microsoft

11.30 – 12.30

Laura Chaffey

iPads and Assessment

Roger Pryor

COWs – Examples from schools

Ellen Sheerin

Introduction to Scratch programming

Steph Westwood

Blogging in the classroom

(In Computer Lab)

12.30 – 1.30

Lunch – Numerous options locally in The Junction

1.30 – 2.30

Laura Chaffey

iPads and Assessment


Jason Horadam

Blogging for Dummies

Lily Cakir

Innovation with Microsoft OneNote

John McCann

Using the iPad for collaborative learning


2.30 – 3.30

Laura Chaffey

A Beginner’s guide to QR Codes and Augmented Reality


Jason Horadam

Getting Started

with Edmodo

Dr Tom Benjamin

Psychology of Multimedia


Liz Anelli

Making Monsters Printmaking

Saturday Workshop Descriptions


Workshop Title


Brief Outline

 iPods and iPads in the classrooom Steph Westwood How can a small group of iPods and iPads be used for learning and assessment in a classroom setting?  Learn how students can be engaged in a small group setting with these devices. Use storybuilder, educreations, showme, and math apps to create authentic learning and assessment  in the classroom. 
Blogging in the classroom Steph westwood How to incorporate blogging for both teachers and students in a classroom atmosphere. How it helps literacy and digital citizenship for students.
Introduction to Scratch Programming for teachers Ellen Sheerin Introduction to Scratch programming with some ideas for classroom use. 


Innovative Teaching and Learning Using Microsoft OneNote Lily Cakir A practical tour of Microsoft OneNote and how it can be used to improve teaching and learning. This session will include a focus on how to use Microsoft OneNote® to collaborate, research and create curricula. 
The Arts Emporium Nichole Stringer The Arts Emporium is a private art teaching school and could offer general art classes, workshops based around creating artworks for your classroom / students. Teacher training skills so they can bring new skills to their classrooms / teaching. In addition, the Art Emporium runs corporate art parties; so we could have a bit of fun.
iPads and Assessment in the Primary Classroom Laura Chaffey To demonstrate how iPads are currently being used in classrooms, highlighting how they can be used in a variety of ways to assess student learning.
Psychology of Multimedia Dr Tom Benjamin Overview of research developments made while in the NSW Teaching Hospitals and DEC. These include multimedia, personal branding, and do-it-yourself game creation toolkits. These can be followed up online as they have all been made available as Creative Commons free resources.
ICT Integration – Adobe Smart Microsoft Chris Whitington Integrating Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Premiere in group based project activities. Using Adobe Captivate and Smart Notebook to present the activities and engage learners. Cross KLA and multi Stage applicable, although presentation will focus on English Stage 4 and 5.
Blogging for Dummies Jason Horadam This course will explain what blogging is and how it can help connect your classroom to the outside world in a very real way. Course would suit people with little to no knowledge of blogs and blogging.
Making Monsters – Printmaking Liz Anelli Use everyday objects  – bits of wood, forks, dice, bottle tops, bits of cardboard etc, to print with, to create monsters that grow the imagination. Select shapes, press them into water soluble paint in trays, then print onto your paper (wise to have layers of newspaper beneath to aid printing). Select another shape and build up an image… a monster. Use the shapes available to write its name. No drawing. Pens/pencils only used if dipped in ink and the end printed with. Wear messy clothes.
Getting Started with Edmodo Jason Horadam Learn how to get your class up and running with Edmodo. This workshop will give teachers all the skills and resources they need to use all of the most useful features of edmodo in the classroom.
Using the iPad for collaborative learning John McCann Newcastle based INKids ( will demonstrate unique ways to use iPads in the classroom by harnessing the power of Dropbox and Bluetooth technologies.  In this workshop they will demonstrate how teachers can create their own classroom games and then share the content to multiple devices in just a few minutes using Dropbox. Futaba Classroom Games will also be used as an example of a collaborative application that be used in classrooms where their might only be 1 or 2 iPads.  INKids will also be demonstrating “Math Champ” – a social gaming app that turns any iOS device into a student response system. Math teachers can now host a weekly math test in a few minutes and have the results delivered in real time to their iPad via Bluetooth.  Teachers can build their own content and games using Futaba.
A Beginner’s guide to QR Codes and Augmented Reality Laura Chaffey Primarily a hand on workshop, this session will  * explain what augmented reality (AR) is * demonstrate practical ways of using it in a classroom setting * time to explore a number of different AR apps * explain what QR codes are * give a brief demonstration of some of the ways they’ve been used in a classroom  * allow you to scan and create some of your own.  * Participants will be provided with an iPad loaded with most of the apps demonstrated.
COWs – Examples from Schools Roger Pryor Participants will see the many ways that a large number of schools and teachers are using Sharepoint, WordPress and Moodle as COWs – Collaborative Online Workspaces. This is a rare opportunity to gain a look at a large number of working examples.

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