Keynote One: Mark McConville (Principal Toronto High School)

Many HCC staff watched the recent 4 Corners Story on Toronto High School with real interest.  Mark McConville’s keynote will not be a dialogue on Local Schools, Local Decisions; rather, it will an opportunity for all passionate educators to learn about reforming practices, asking the ‘hard questions’ and building the capacity of staff in a leadership role.  Mark will reflect on his experiences as an educator, providing a real insight into contemporary leadership theory, as a classroom teacher, Head Teacher, Deputy Principal and Principal.

This is a journey many teachmeet participants aspire to and we hope that this keynote provides you with additional direction and inspiration.

Keynote Two: Amber Harvey (Student Voice)

How can we discuss future trends and engaging students without hearing from those with the most to gain – students?  Splendour in the Class is delighted to have Amber Harvey, a year 10 student from a Hunter Valley National Partnerships school, provide a view of education that we often do not consider enough.


  1. This is a fabulous event. In the spirit of assisting if you need it i am happy to provide a key note or presetnation on
    Building teacher capacity for 21st century learning.
    Or Learning ecosystems – blending formal and informal learning
    or Listening2Learners.
    We will also send in some workshop topics.
    Great work

    • neil says:

      Keep an eye out on the project tabs as the team will be requesting more workshops soon. Have you registered your interest as this will allow us to send you newsletters as this ‘movement’ develops. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, we do want to create a unique experience for all in attendance.

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