Splendour in the Class: Future Schools – Imagining the possibilities

Hunter Central Coast Teachmeet will be held on Friday July 27th between 5.30 and 9.30 pm. Our hashtag for this event is #tmhcc.  This event will promoted through social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Yammer. Feel free to organise some friends, register your attendance and come along. Be prepared to share, laugh and learn.  This event is open to all staff outside of the Hunter Central Coast Region.

Then, on the next day: Saturday 28th July, join in at the Hunter Central Coast TeachFair: a event where you can sample a range of great teaching ideas, join in hands on workshops, chat with others, follow up with more from some TeachMeet Presenters, present your ‘cool idea worth sharing‘ in a barcamp format and simply enjoy being with other passionate educators in the informal surroundings of the Newcastle School – Union St 

Along with some informal poster style and booth presentations you’ll be able to select structured workshops to attend or, in a parallel program, take part in our Education barcamp; where a large whiteboard, with spaces for 4 rooms, and half hour timeslots, is used as a simple organiser where anyone with an idea to share can grab a space for a half hour session.

We’ll be putting the call out soon for proposals for the workshop sessions.  If interested, we’ll have a number of rooms available and will provide 1 hour timeslots.  If we can scrounge enough gear, we’ll have a dataprojector and screen in each room and there will be wireless internet access.

If you’d like to submit a proposal to run a workshop, keep your eye on Twitter and Yammer for information when the submission site is open. We’ll need to know a basic outline, who the intended audience would be, what they can expect to walk away with in terms of skills, knowledge, attitudes etc, and any special needs which may impact on our planning. So, get those brain cells ticking!

The TeachFair will run from 10.00am until 3pm.

Looking forward to working with you.

#tmhcc team

Splendour in the Class

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