Scratchley Dreaming

The moat, high above the harbour: division between dreams and realities

Memories and visions, phrases and thoughts, repeated, recycled


then gone: departed yet lingering still in the flashes we see of distant landmarks

A mirage resolving into stark and plausible, whimsical and despondent and more.

Black, white, light, shade


Outward success and a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ full of regret.

Fleeting glances and shadows in familiar alleys as

We meander through stories we all know but somehow remember differently or see

From different perspectives

There are times when pictures and snippets stare deep into our own hearts and places.

There are times where the plain pillbox, planted perpendicular to the parade, glares out across emptiness,

where desultory tunes play over again as stories are told.

Out through the front gates and the dark cannon, snubs its snout at the soaring cathedral on the hill opposite.

The view, familiar in paintings, has changed and yet

This evening we have seen it as if never before

Up here, above the city below

We strain and hear the synergies of that curious jumble which is our very human existence and what makes us what we are as people.

We balance, between past and present and future: a keen edge which slices between the void between what is;

And what could be.

As we sit, in front of a barracks fireplace, armchair jacketed and bound

What does look back at us in that  mirror of reality?

And just how much does that differ from the view we see

from the inside out?

“Please remember us.”

 (Tantrum Theatre presents ‘Dreams of a forgotten city’ a stunning evocative experience at Fort Scratchley in Newcastle for 4 nights only from Wed 18th Aug 2010 to Sat 21st Aug. Info at )

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