L4L, Small Steps, A Simple Beginning?

Project/Extend your vision (develop) the learning environment (we would once have said ‘school’… Is it still a school?) to the ‘not so distant future’! Begin Now!

Students MUST(the urgency now is Yr9) :

  • Have regular access to computer technologies
  • Have the skills and knowledge to access our current network Can ALL Yr 9 Students access their accounts- both network and Portal?
  • Have organised, self managed network storage- a 2009 Folder, Subject Folders, Personal Folders?
  • Take control of the saving/naming of files; don’t let the application name the file (doc1). Give the file a recognisable name
  • Ensure that files are stored in the correct folder/s
  • Be USERS of DET Portal email, not just know how to use it
  • Be able to access a range of learning resources; small steps-start with World Book Online, Web based Access to their timetable/s, Web Based Typing program- not just for typing (stocking stuffer), Calendars, …

 Teachers Need to:

  • Have regular/easy access to computer technologies
  • eAnnotate lessons, T&L programme, lesson notes to a public forum- start off with an eCalendar (www.calendar.yahoo.com)-then when available BLOGs, WIKI’s, eManaged Learning, and …)
  • gather digital resources; download YouTube, ABC, SBS etc. resources, convert to an appropriate (school standard)format, and share and begin to use and think about incorporating these digital resources in T&L programmes and activities…
  • know about and begin to use DET CLI T&L resources
  • involve their students in Web Based projects- how did your kids go in the ASX School Competition- simple, easy, small steps
  • include L4L in daily teacher conversations, vocabulary, learning community culture… start off with …”wow a laptop for every teacher’ I’m excited!” or “I love BLOGGING”
  • Have you thought about what font to use- Verdana has a type style that is acceptable to ALL students (learning difficulties)

 Preparedness, Aggregation, Action, Support




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