The beginning of Term 3

This slideshow shows many of the events this term. We visited the museum in the first week and participated in scientific experiments and displays based on magnetism and gravity just to name a few. We also saw the B.H.P light show which talks about the history of the steelworks and its place in Newcastle’s history.
You will also see pictures of the Touch Footy Gala Day, which showcased the amazing talent of our Carrington students. Lastly, there are pictures of the parents and carers who came to our open classroom last Friday. What a fabulous turn out. Thankyou for visiting!

4 thoughts on “The beginning of Term 3

  1. To Mrs McNiel,
    It has been a great start to term hasn’t it, I think it has.
    We are close to go for gold and the holidays too! I am
    so excited, I bet Molly and Eve are too. Well i can’t wait
    either. Say hi to Molly and Eve for me. Thankyou very

    From Alex, :) :)

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