Learning Is Fun!

This slideshow shows what has been happening in our class the last few weeks. We had our Easter hat parade which was enjoyed by the children. Everyone worked together to make their hats, showing great leadership with the younger students. In maths we have been making triangles and squares to represent the 3 and 4 x table. This helps us to work out the multiples of the tables(which is the answers!)
I hope you enjoy the slideshow. The foxes have been working hard this term. I am so proud of them and I look forward to some great learning next term :)

5 thoughts on “Learning Is Fun!

  1. the easter hat parde was fun i can’twait for the holidays i will be going to hong kong, last time i went on a holiday over seas i felt like a time traveler!

  2. Hong Kong will be really interesting Alex. I think the city at night will look spectacular. Happy Holidays! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

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