A great Excursion!

The foxes had a wonderful time at Gosford Reptile Park. We had a packed day, seeing as many animals as we could. I hope you enjoy the photos.

10 thoughts on “A great Excursion!

  1. I had fun at the Reptile park it was soooo much fun.. I saw some great animals
    and I loved it when Mrs Blatchford get to held a python snake

    hope you can show us this slideshow on Term 2
    hope you had a lovely holiday with Mr.McNiel,Molly And Eve :) :) :)

    from Kimberly :)

  2. the reptile park was awesome. i took so many photos of miss blatchford holding the snake, i wish i had a try!!!!
    that was a great excersion. hope we do something like that again:)

  3. the excursion was great I really enjoyed the part where miss Blatchford held the snake, :) :):) Alex :) :):)!!!!!!

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